Hi, I'm M V Ganesh Kumar

I'm a Software Engineer. Sharing my learnings and experiences through blog.


Zeal UI - Component Library

  • Built a React component library that provides reusable and customizable UI components.
  • All the components have light, dark color mode support and responsive design.
  • Tech stack - React JS, Styled Components, Webpack, Node JS, NPM, Git.

Zeal Cart - Ecommerce App

  • Built a full stack e-commerce app where users can create their own account, maintain products in their wish list and cart.
  • Users can view different products and its details, sort and filter them based on different parameters.
  • Tech stack - Zeal UI, React JS, Node JS, MongoDB, NPM, Git.

Website & Blog

  • Built my personal website and blog where I share my learnings, experiences and showcase my work.
  • Tech stack - Zeal UI, Next JS, NPM, Git.